Someone Wrecked a Ferrari Enzo on the Autobahn Like It’s 2006 Again

The impact hurled parts as far as 650 feet.

byJames Gilboy|
Crashed Ferrari Enzo
Munich Fire Department


One of Ferrari's final halo cars without a hybrid engine, the Enzo, may have been destroyed after a high-speed crash on Germany's famous Autobahn. The extent of the damage is unknown, as is the identity of the driver, but one thing's for sure: Someone was driving more car than they could handle.

A partial account of the crash was published in Hallo München, which reports that the Ferrari was being driven on the A99 section of the Autobahn late Tuesday morning. As the car neared the Neuherberg exit around 11:20 a.m., its driver lost control and skidded into a guardrail—presumably on the driver's side given the concentration of damage. Debris from the impact was scattered as far as 650 feet, indicating the supercar was traveling at extreme speed. (It's not clear if this section of the Autobahn is speed-limited, or one of the derestricted zones.)

2002 Ferrari Enzo. Cameron J Spencer via Getty Images

The wreckage reportedly caused heavy damage to another vehicle, whose occupants were injured. In total, three people were injured in the crash, with one being hospitalized. It's not yet clear which vehicle the hospitalized party was in, nor the extent of their injuries. It's also unclear who was driving the Ferrari, as it might've been the owner, though a poster on Ferrari Chat claims to have heard the driver was employed by a local dealership.

The Enzo's condition is hard to ascertain, as the wreck ripped off most of its front end. It's common for classic supercars to be rebuilt after serious crashes; McLaren F1s are famous for being resurrected after wrecks due to their value. But that may depend on the condition of its chassis, which is made of honeycombed aluminum (tricky to repair) and carbon fiber (impossible). But for all we know, Ferrari might be able to reproduce everything needed to bring this car back to the road. Regardless, someone out there is about to cut the mother of all checks.

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