Tourists in Italy Destroy Pair of Ferraris in Shocking Airborne Crash

The two-car crash is so dramatic it almost looks like a carefully planned Hollywood production.

Crashes involving supercars driven recklessly aren’t anything new, though they still serve a few purposes. First, they’re a reminder that any car—especially high-performance ones—should be driven carefully. Two, that nine out of 10 times a car’s capabilities will exceed the owner’s driving skills. And three, that car crashes make good watchin’ on YouTube as long as no one’s seriously injured. A fiery crash involving two Ferraris over the weekend serves as a perfect example of all this.

First reported by News Italy 24, two alleged tourists were responsible for causing serious damages to public and private property after the two Ferraris they were driving crashed into a home and caught fire Saturday. Videos posted to YouTube show two different angles of the crash, making it crystal clear that the cars were being driven recklessly on the windy Italian roads.

One of the two Ferraris involved appears to be a new 296 GTB, which judging by its livery was equipped with the spicier Asetto Fiorano package. The other—the one that caught on fire and burned to a crisp—was a blue F12 that I’m sure was a gorgeous car prior to Saturday’s crash. Well, I suppose they both were.

The videos don’t show much of what the cars were up to in the seconds leading up to the crash, but they certainly show both Ferraris approaching the sharp bend at incredible speed. The 296 exited the road with such force that it was launched 15 or 20 feet into the air when it hit a dirt bank. And while it’s hard to say for sure, it doesn’t even seem like the driver was able to brake very much before taking flight.

The same applies to the F12, though that driver certainly had a bit more time to react and slow down after watching his bud momentarily disrupt Italian airspace. While the 296’s crash was much more dramatic than the F12’s, it was the latter that suffered the most damage. Likely due to its front-engine setup, the F12 caught fire immediately and was engulfed in flames until firefighters arrived on the scene. The 296, a mid-engine car, was still destroyed but did not catch fire.

There are conflicting reports on the men who were driving these cars, some claiming they were Dutch while others saying they were Belgians visiting friends in the Alcona region. Either way, the duo had to be airlifted to a hospital in Torrette but reports claim they did not suffer serious injuries. That’s certainly good news given the severity of the crashes.

One thing’s for sure, what could’ve been an amazing vacation driving Ferraris through the Italian countryside turned into a nightmare. And, they should both be very happy that no innocent bystanders were hurt. Had it not been for that small concrete wall surrounding the pool, the cars could’ve easily crashed directly into the house and hurt people.

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