More Than 462,000 Ford Explorers, Lincoln Aviators Recalled for Faulty Camera System

Nearly half a million Ford and Lincoln SUVs need their cameras fixed.

byAaron Cole|
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Ford will recall more than 462,000 SUVs and crossovers for a faulty rearview camera that could stop working and increase the risk of a crash. Ford said it’s aware of 17 incidents caused by the defect but no injuries. The recall covers 2020-2023 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator SUVs and 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair crossovers. Ford said more than 383,000 affected cars are in the U.S., more than 39,000 are in Canada, and 5,000 are in Mexico. All of the affected vehicles have 360-degree camera systems installed.

"The video information from one or more of the 360 cameras, which includes
the rear view camera, may fail to feed to the SYNC display screen during some
key cycles," reads the defect report.

Ford said it would provide a free fix to vehicle owners to resolve the issue, a fix that consists of a software update to the "image processing module." It said owners could bring their cars to the nearest dealership for the fix or call to schedule a mobile service appointment with a Ford technician. Some of the affected vehicles may have been recalled in 2021 with a similar issue, although Ford says vehicles fixed in that recall would need to be fixed again. It doesn't sound like Explorers and Aviators coming off the line currently will have this defect, though, since the old software was apparently taken out of production from the Louisville Assembly Plant as of Dec. 15 and from the Chicago facility as of Jan. 3.

Dealers will be notified by the end of January and affected owners will be notified Feb. 20. According to complaints with the NHTSA, several hundred vehicle owners have complained of screens that only displayed a blue image, or would quit intermittently. 

For more information about the recall, go to or call 866-436-7332. The recall number is 23S02. 

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