More Ford Maverick Models Are in the Works

Ford says new versions of the Maverick are in the works, including a possible ST variant.

byChris Rosales|
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The Ford Maverick is a smash hit. Folks love its size, practicality, fuel economy, and low price, making it a truly compelling everyday small truck. Heck, we even 3D-printed several accessories for the Maverick last year to prove how versatile the truck can be. However, there can always be more, and Ford is working on bringing fresh versions of the Maverick to market.

According to Ford Authority, Ford has confirmed in its Q3 2023 filings that “new extensions of the Bronco and Maverick nameplates” are coming. While the automaker hasn’t expanded on what that could mean, Ford themselves have dropped hints about a possible ST version of the Maverick. Currently, there are only three trims of the Maverick along with an optional Tremor off-road package, with no special versions. 


Ford considers the Maverick one of its “icons,” even with just a few years of production under its belt. It’s likely because the Maverick is so young that there are so few versions, and most are in the works. While a possible ST version would make for an excellent sport truck, seeing as the Maverick is largely based on a Bronco Sport, which is largely based on a Focus, Ford’s truck strategy has long since pivoted to off-road.

With the Tremor being the only off-road version of the Maverick, it’s not clear if Ford will expand into a Maverick Raptor. Of course, Ford might not even be hinting at an ST or a Raptor, but a Heritage edition or some other form of special trim. What we do know is two things: There have been reports of a prototype street-performance Maverick being tested in Michigan, and that Ford trademarked “Maverick Lobo,” which could hint at the name of the performance truck. Lobo is the Mexican market name for the F-150.

If you’ve been holding out for a hotter Maverick, be patient. It might be coming. 

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