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The Ford Maverick Hybrid With Stacks Is Real But It Can’t Hurt You

It can't hurt anything.
Reddit, Instagram

No one should be shocked to see a Ford Maverick with smoke-stack exhausts. The age of the internet has desensitized us all to the madness of the world by putting everything within fingertip-reach. So, in theory, seeing America’s smallest, least powerful pickup truck with stacks through its bed shouldn’t come as a surprise. What makes this stacked Maverick so surprising, though, is the fact that it’s a hybrid. It’s so absurd, I think I love it.

This hilarious Maverick was spotted in public by both Redditor HiTork and TC Customs on Instagram. Since the Maverick was only seen on the road, and we don’t know who the owner is, we don’t have any details about the mod. That’s a shame, because I need to know more.

Are the stacks functional or just aesthetic? It’s difficult to tell from the pictures on the road, unfortunately. In the off-chance they are functional, does the Maverick sound better with them, despite having a puny four-cylinder hybrid powertrain? Why make a pickup with virtually no emissions look like it’s responsible for all the emissions? Is the owner just having a laugh, or do they actually expect to fool anyone with giant stacks on a truck that wears a “Hybrid” badge on its tailgate? So. Many. Questions.

The incongruity of smoke stack exhausts on a super low-emissions hybrid truck is hilarious. It must be even funnier in person when the engine shuts off and the pickup drives solely on electricity. I’m very much here for silent stacks. It helps too that the stacks themselves are big enough to be used on a Ram 2500. If you stood them on the ground, they’d almost be as tall as the Maverick itself.

We’ve all seen M badges on a base 3 Series, or Lexus badges on a Camry. At best, those kinds of mods are desperately aspirational; at worst, dishonest. But this Maverick is different. It’s charming. And if the owner or someone who knows them happens to be reading this, please drop us a line.

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