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Ford Maverick Owner Hacks in F-150 Shifter To Replace Rotary Dial

Add this to the long list of plug-and-play Ford parts you can add to the Maverick.
Maverick Truck Club | Fast Mavericks

Ford’s bite-sized Maverick pickup truck has been an absolute smash hit since it launched. Owners and journalists alike seem to love the unibody truck for its honest, no-nonsense approach to trucking. It’s compact, functional, affordable, and nice to drive. It’s also surprisingly easy to mod, with countless parts from other Fords being plug-and-play-capable. One owner recently learned that you can even replace its rotary shift dial with the shift handle from any 2021-2023 F-150.

Like so many modern cars, Ford went with a rotary dial on the center console for shifting gears. It’s easy to use, cheap to make, and declutters the center console. For the most part, it’s fine and customers don’t have any real issues. However, some customers have complained on owners’ forums and Reddit about the rotary dial being easy to shift into the wrong gear. There are also some complaints about it accidentally shifting when simply brushing against it with your leg or hand.

To remedy that, Maverick Truck Club forum member Fast Mavericks took the rotary shifter out and replaced it with the T-handle shifter from an F-150. Only some minor trimming of the plastic center console was needed to swap in the F-150’s shifter and plastic shroud. Both shifters are electric and have the same plug, so it literally just plugged right in. No software changes were said to be required, either. Since the F-150’s shifter comes with a manual shift function, it should even be more fun to drive.

This only adds to the countless other plug-and-play Ford mods available to Maverick owners. According to Fast Mavericks, their truck already has a Lincoln Corsair 2.3-liter turbocharged engine, a Ford Ranger’s turbocharger, Focus RS brakes, an Explorer ST digital gauge cluster, and a Focus ST steering wheel.

Mods like this should get Maverick owners very excited, as it proves that there are nearly endless modding possibilities with plug-and-play Ford parts.

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