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$71K Ford F-150 Lightning Flash Targets Value-Minded Buyers With Longer Range, More Tech

The Flash has the same range as an XLT, but sweetens the deal with a handful of standard features from higher trims.

Full-size electric trucks are appealing and mostly capable, but the sticker shock is a lot for the general public. Ford appears to be aware of this, and as such it’s introduced a fresh new trim of the F-150 Lighting: The Flash. Its price is still high—$71,990 including destination but before any federal tax credits—but now with a heat pump, 320 miles of range, and a smattering of higher-end technology, the Blue Oval hopes it will attract buyers with a more value-packed EV.


Currently, the Lightning is offered in four trims, from Pro to Platinum. The base trucks get 240 miles of EPA-estimated range for $49,995. The XLT gets access to the larger extended-range battery pack, which offers 320 miles albeit without any options, and costs $$71,990 mildly equipped. The Flash is effectively a more appealing XLT, offering more stuff as a base truck along with the superior endurance of the 131 kWh extended-range pack.

Beyond the new heat pump which will aid in keeping range more stable in varying climates, the Flash gets the larger 15.5-inch touchscreen which is currently only available on the Lariat and Platinum trims. An eight-speaker sound system and wireless charging are also thrown in to sweeten the deal, as well as the Tow Technology Package and a multi-function tailgate with a step and a work surface.

You can think of the Flash as marking something of a small reset in F-150 Lightning production and sales. The heat pump in particular is a big step. Automakers are beginning to realize that EVs are a hard sell without them. They stabilize range estimates and relatively inefficient EVs like the Lightning suffer in cold climates without them, as many owners have discovered especially while towing.

It’s unclear if the Flash will arrive as a 2024 or 2025 model-year truck, but orders will open online in early 2024.

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