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Ford Maverick Sales Jump 83.4% in Q3 as Deliveries Speed Up

The popular small pickup is finally moving through supply chain holdups, though work stoppages could hamper its progress.

Ford has had trouble delivering hot new models like the Bronco and Maverick due to various supply chain snags, but now it seems like sales of the Blue Oval’s compact pickup are finally gaining a little steam. The automaker sold 23,931 Mavericks in the third quarter of 2023, shattering last year’s Q3 figure of 13,049 by roughly 83%. It has likewise sold more of the small truck this latest quarter compared to both previous quarters. If you want a Maverick, things are looking better than ever.

The gains quarter-over-quarter are modest, but they trend up and to the right. In Q1 of this year the brand sold 21,478 Mavericks, followed by small dip in Q2 of 21,021. Q3 is north of that figure by 2,910 units, however—an increase of roughly 12%.


The ongoing UAW strike could affect deliveries during Q4. The Maverick is built in Ford’s non-union Hermosillo Assembly facility in Mexico, however Teamsters may be unwilling to deliver them in solidarity with the UAW. Likewise, it’s possible that some of the Maverick’s component parts, which are made abroad and in the United States, could be held up by the work stoppages. 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine production, for instance, is split between two plants in Valencia, Spain, and Cleveland, Ohio, according to Ford.

Despite the increased production, there is still considerable pent-up demand that the automaker is still having trouble addressing. It was reported back in July that 2024 model year order books would be opening that month, even though many 2023MY trucks ordered by customers were still unbuilt.


Any news of a production increase should be welcome, though. Ford has hired thousands of employees to support a third shift at its Hermosillo plant, which is also where the Bronco Sport is produced. It may not be enough to satisfy all potential Maverick buyers, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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