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Lia Block To Celebrate ARA Rally Title By Racing Ken Block’s Cossie V2

With the championship locked up, Lia Block is free to race her late father's car in the final rally of the season.
Rally driver Lia Block poses alongside the Ford Escort Cosworth she will drive at the upcoming Lake Superior Performance Rally.
Lia Block via Instagram

Ken Block built a career out of fun rally antics, and his daughter Lia is proving to be a chip off the old proverbial. The younger Block has found success at a young age, having just claimed her first national championship in style. She now plans to celebrate by taking the wheel of one of her late father’s most prized vehicles.

In a post on Instagram, Block announced her victory in the American Rally Association’s (ARA) Open Two-Wheel Drive class. The convoluted points system means that Block actually won the championship two races back, while just 16 years old, making her the youngest ever to do so. With the title locked up, she is now free to race any vehicle of her desire at the upcoming Lake Superior Performance Rally in Michigan. Block chose her father’s glorious Ford Escort Cosworth Group A rally car, which will race in the Open Four-Wheel Drive class. It will be her first time racing an all-wheel-drive car in competition.

This year marked Block’s first full year of ARA competition, behind the wheel of a Subaru BRZ running a tribute to her father’s former “snow camo” livery. Block, along with her codriver Rhianon Gelsomino, claimed four event wins and a second place on the way to the title. Her victorious 2023 season built upon her entry to the series last year, when she ran seven events in a Ford Fiesta.

As for the Cosworth, the potent 1990s rally weapon has had an interesting life over the last few years. The car was famously burned to a crisp after Ken Block crashed at the New England Forest Rally in 2018. It was later rebuilt to become the “Cossie V2,” complete with a brightly-colored livery, huge pumped arches, and bold wheels—just how the elder Block liked it.

It’s not the first time Block has gotten behind the wheel of one of her father’s rally machines. Notably, she drove the “Hoonipigasus” Porsche 911 in a tribute run at the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in June.

It’s hard to imagine a better victory present than getting to drive a sweet turbo rally car through the stages of Lake Superior. It could also serve as a great sighting run for any future aspirations the young Block might have to compete in the four-wheel drive classes. Beyond that, it’s a treat for the fans, who will get to see the mighty Cossie kicking up the dirt once again.

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