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Honda to Reveal EV Sports Car Concept in Japan Next Month

Speculation rages on whether the upcoming model is a successor to the S2000 or NSX.

With the death of the NSX last year, Honda’s global lineup is now entirely without a dedicated sports car. That looks to be changing, though, with the Japanese automaker set to reveal an all-new EV sports model next month.

The reveal is set to take place at the Japan Mobility Show this October, formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show. Honda will run a packed schedule with multiple new electric vehicles set to be revealed. Of prime interest among them is something called the Specialty Sports concept. In Honda’s words, it’s “the concept model of an electric sports car which will enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving (driving pleasure) and transcend the constraints of time, even in the era of electrification for carbon neutrality and the popularization of automated driving technology.”

So far, all we have to go on is marketing flash and little substance. At this stage, there are two major schools of speculation on the concept’s potential identity. One is that Honda is set to reveal a concept intended to preview an electric NSX successor. We’ve already had some hints in this area from Acura, which showed off its Acura Electric Vision Design Study earlier this year. That gave us a hint at a new EV in the works with proper supercar styling. For those unfamiliar, in markets outside the U.S., the NSX has been traditionally sold under the Honda brand.

Alternatively, Japanese blog Creative Trend speculates that the Specialty Sports Concept could instead be an electric successor to the Honda S2000. The S2000 was launched on Honda’s 50th anniversary, with the automaker now celebrating its 75th anniversary. Indeed, last year, Honda hinted at having two electric sports cars in the works. The Specialty Sports Concept could thus be a spiritual successor to the S2000, to stand alongside the NSX successor that Acura has in the works.

In any case, we’ll have to wait and see to find out just what Honda is cooking up. Based on the shadowy figures we’ve seen thus far, our expectations are high.

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