Lucid Recalls Air EV to Add Tie to Ethernet Wiring Harness

No, Air owners can't use a zip tie to fix it in their garage.
Lucid EV in front of hazy skyline

Lucid Motors has issued a recall for its Air EV that relates to the Ethernet wiring harness for its 34-inch, curved 5K Glass Cockpit instrument panel. Per a report from Lucid Insider on Wednesday, Lucid sent letters to customers about the recall to outline the issue and the fix.

The issue is that part of the wiring harness that secures the data line to the display could rub against another component and cause the line to fray. As a result, the instrument panel could fail. A Lucid spokesperson told me the company spotted the issue internally and preemptively issued the recall to be “as proactive and cautious” as possible.

In the letter to Lucid owners the company explained, “The harness can become damaged by rubbing against another part of the vehicle and disable the display screens. Disabled display screens will not show critical information, such as speed, gear selection indicators, warning lights, and other in-vehicle notifications, which can increase the risk of a crash.”

On, one owner reported they had spoken to a representative at a service center in Riviera Beach, Florida, who told them the fix takes “a few minutes.”

Lucid motors recall letter

“Literally all that’s needed are some zip ties to make sure the Ethernet wiring harness is secured,” the poster claimed. Hold your horses, there; lest Lucid owners believe they can take care of the potential issue themselves with zip ties from their own garages, the Lucid Motors spokesperson told me that description is not accurate. The actual fix involves an industrial-grade cable tie to secure the wiring harness, and it is expected to be a straightforward process.

“Out of the 1100 or so potentially affected customers, less than one percent–10 cars–will have that issue present,” the Lucid spokesperson said. For context, EV manufacturer Tesla has had five recalls so far in 2022; this is Lucid’s second.

Any Air owner can bring the vehicle to one of Lucid’s service centers, which are typically near its showrooms. The second option is to request a visit from Lucid’s mobile service fleet to inspect the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration filed the recall on May 18, 2022, which includes the recommendation to contact Lucid customer service at 1-888-995-8243. Lucid’s number for this recall is NCR-22-01-0.

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