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2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray AWD Hybrid Leaks Early: New Colors, Summer 2023 Launch, PHEV Drivetrain Unlikely

The car's official configurator was discovered by enthusiasts and there's a lot to unpack.

We already know a hybrid Chevy Corvette with AWD is coming, but we didn’t know Christmas would come so early. As first reported by CorvetteBlogger, the configurator for the new E-Ray hybrid ‘Vette has leaked. Unfortunately, specs were not listed in the system and it’s been taken down, however, a lot can be gleaned from what was there. The shortlist is that new interesting colors are coming, it’s unlikely the E-Ray is a plug-in hybrid, and the car is set to arrive in the summer of 2023.

First things first: the summer reveal date was mentioned explicitly in the configurator, which had an official Chevy URL. In other words, it’s pretty set in stone, assuming everything is legit. On that front, Corvette Blogger was able to receive a statement from Chevy saying it was. “Looks like the holidays came early for a few astute Corvette fans,” the statement allegedly read. “Stay tuned for more.”

The E-Ray offers three new colors according to the configurator. A striking example is a flat green called “Cacti.” It’s actually already offered on the current Chevy Trax, which makes it seem all the more legit. The other two new colors are a grey and a blue, which look pretty conventional.

The E-Ray, like past “Grand Sport” trim levels of the Corvette, receives the Z06’s body panels. This time, the trim appears to be painted as well. That gives the car a very interesting look, especially in the new green. There’s also a new interior color: a dark, almost-grey green called “Artemis.”

All of the Z06’s options appear to be available, minus the high-revving flat-plane LT6. That means carbon brakes, Z06 aero, carbon fiber wheels, and more. It does have corner exhausts as opposed to the Z06’s center-exit system, though. A new style of five-spoke wheels was also listed.

One of the most interesting things to glean from the exterior of the car is the lack of a charging port. There doesn’t appear to be one anywhere on the outside of the vehicle. It’s possible in this early build that a bare Z06 body is just being used as the base 3D model, but the E-Ray badge is clearly present on the lower rear quarter panel. That would indicate what we’re seeing here is relatively complete. We know it’s a hybrid because there’s a button in the interior of the car that appears to activate regenerative braking, pictured below.


Here’s where some previous speculation comes into play. We’ve seen a patent from Tremec—the C8 Corvette’s transmission supplier—indicating that the car might be able to charge itself with the engine while stationary, among other things. Patents are not necessarily representative of an automaker’s intent, though. It’s possible that this Corvette will get energy only from braking as many conventional hybrids do. The E-Ray is about as unconventional as a hybrid gets, though. It will be putting a lot of juice to the ground, and without a charging port, it’s unclear how long that could realistically be sustained.

Lucky for GM, specifications of the car were not listed in the configurator. Details like electric motor power, battery size, and other details were absent.

Seeing as this car is set to be revealed in the coming months, it’s likely we’ll get more official information soon, though. As soon as we know more, you’ll be the first to hear it.

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