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Ford Super Duty Driver Smashes Miata Project Car in Infuriating Hit-and-Run

Some people just don't deserve to have big pickup trucks, and this driver is one of them.
A Ford Super Duty captured on security camera destroying a couple's cars after nearly killing them
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A city in Tennessee is on the lookout for a damaged Ford Super Duty whose driver lost control, nearly running down a couple and their dogs in their front yard. The diesel pickup truck’s driver then smashed into both of the couple’s cars, including a classic 1991 Mazda Miata, severely damaging both before fleeing the scene.

The collision took place at 10:04 p.m. in Spring Hill, Tennessee, south of Nashville. Nicholas Gaylan, 27, and fiance Laura Belrose, 26, had just returned home after a workout and were playing in their front yard with their dogs according to WKRN. They heard a loud noise and turned to see a Ford Super Duty barreling toward them after falling several feet from the raised road surface. Though the truck was thought to be traveling around 55 mph, the couple and their dogs managed to get out of the way of the rogue pickup. The truck’s driver then swerved, nearly hitting a tree before smashing into both of the couple’s cars, with the moment of impact being recorded on a security camera.

The hit tossed Gaylan’s Miata (which he was reportedly restoring) into Belrose’s Mazda CX-5, which was then pushed into the side of the house. The Ford‘s driver almost immediately reversed to escape, smashing the Miata a second time as he turned around and fled.

“I screamed and we ran and the dogs ran with us, thank God,” Belrose told the local news outlet, adding that her Mazda‘s doors and trunk will no longer open after the crash. “It was such just a huge commotion of noise that I almost can’t even describe it. I’m still almost shaking thinking about it. It was absolutely insane… The fact that he was coming at us, all we could do was run for our lives.”

Due to poor lighting conditions, the truck’s license plate and exact year and trim level are unclear. The truck is however known to be a 2017 to 2022 Ford F-250 or F-350 Super Duty with the Power Stroke diesel engine, as indicated by badging on the truck’s door. It’s also suspected to be a 4×4 model, possibly an FX4 or Tremor, given the decal on the passenger bedside.

Tennesseans in the greater Nashville area are advised to keep an eye out for such a truck with front-end damage, clearance lights above its cab, and possibly damage to its suspension or other components. The truck also lost its bed cover, which the couple is using to advertise a $200 reward for information that catches the Ford’s driver. The Spring Hill Police Department is also investigating and would charge the driver with reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of a crash. Anyone with information on the truck’s whereabouts or its driver is encouraged to call the SHPD at (931) 486-2632.

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