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2023 Ford Super Duty Owners Hate the Bed Step So the Aftermarket Is Deleting It

You might think it's dumb, but owners are almost jumping for joy over the bed step delete kits.
All Out Industries / Facebook

People either love or hate the way the 2023 Ford Super Duty looks. Believe it or not, it’s not the huge headlights or gigantic grille that’s most divisive—it’s the built-in bed step. Some see it as practical while others think it’s a total eyesore. Fortunately for everybody in the latter camp, the aftermarket has a solution and it’s pretty simple.

All Out Industries in Florida is developing bed step delete kits that simply fill and smooth over the slots. They’re fully injection-molded ABS plastic pieces that either come paint-ready or paint-matched to customers’ trucks for an upcharge.

“When the 2023 Super Duty was announced and the first images were released, like many others we were disappointed with the bed step integration into the side of the bed,” Austin Galit, owner of All Out Industries, told me. “We see this as a focal point and [it] really ruins the body lines.”

Now, Ford isn’t the first to incorporate a bed step where the box meets the cab. Chevy first did it with the 2019 Silverado HD and continues to offer it. That may or may not be part of why Ford people hate the new Super Duty’s.

“We came up with this idea for the true Ford enthusiast who fell in love with the clean, sleek body lines of the Super Duty over the years,” Galit continued.

All Out Industries made a 3D model of the bed step delete and printed a prototype that seems to fit flush with the bed. It apparently pops in with plastic tabs, meaning installation should be super simple.

Quite a few Super Duty owners have chimed in to say how stoked they are for these, proving this really is a pain point for folks. You have to wonder if there’s a way you could repurpose it to keep it useful while cleaning up the lines. Conversion company Western Hauler did something of the sort by filling in the step and adding a running board of sorts below it, which is definitely one way to do it.

If you own a 2023 Super Duty and want a set of these for your truck, All Out Industries plans to sell the raw bed step deletes for $300 and paint-matched kits for $500-$600. Those prices aren’t finalized yet but they will be when the product goes on sale later this year.

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