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Angry Girlfriend Sells Man’s Heirloom 1972 Ford F100 to Scrapyard, Gets Felony Charge

Don't worry, the truck is back in safe hands now.
1968 Ford F-100 Styleside pickup

The owner of a classic 1972 Ford F100 that had been in his family for generations is suing an ex-girlfriend who allegedly sold the truck to a junkyard in revenge for a domestic dispute. The truck has since been recovered, and the ex faces felony charges plus a lawsuit.

The story was initially posted to Reddit by user Polaritium, who told Newsweek they go by “John.” As archived in a separate post after the original was deleted, John said that the green Ford had been passed down from his grandfather to his father and then him, and that it was in “pristine condition.” The pickup was used occasionally as a work truck and not a daily driver, which was one of the factors leading to the vehicle’s disappearance.

1968 Ford F100 styleside. Ford

John said that he got into an argument with his live-in girlfriend of two years over not caring for their cats. By the sounds of things, it was a dispute over the split of domestic duties that she felt he hadn’t held up his end on—John was conspicuously vague about what exactly he was accused of not doing. Later, after returning from the bar, John noticed the truck was gone and asked why. That was when his girlfriend allegedly admitted to selling the truck to a nearby junkyard for $400, using a forged signature.

The Reddit user filed a police report for a stolen truck and began scouting nearby junkyards before a friend eventually found it. The Ford was recovered, but in worse condition than it was last seen: its bodywork was damaged, some rust had formed, and its brakes had an unknown problem. As for John’s ex, she has reportedly been charged with a Class 1 felony and faces a $5,000 fine—plus a civil lawsuit from John.

While it’s easy to read this as a one-sided sob story, John’s Reddit post may not tell the whole truth. His original post has since been deleted, potentially at the recommendation of a lawyer. It’s impossible to know what went on from behind a screen, but there are still lessons to be learned.

For one, really get to know someone before rushing to move in with them, and for two, communicate like adults. Set expectations, and tell your partner when you can’t follow through on your commitments. This entire debacle was avoidable, and if people don’t learn from this couple’s mistakes, this kind of thing will keep happening.

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