Brutal Crash Takes Out Drag Racers at World Cup Finals

Both drivers are miraculously fine, after a fiery crash destroyed two Fox-body Mustang drag racers.

byNico DeMattia|
Ford News photo

Drag racing has always amazed me from a far. I've never really followed it closely but it's always been a fascinating motorsport for me because its drivers willingly strap themselves into what can only be described as a four-wheeled bomb and fire themselves off toward the horizon. This video from FloDragRacing, in which two drag racers are violently taken out in a crash, is proof of just how dangerous the sport can be.

The video comes from a qualifying session of the Haltech drag racing World Cup Finals in the Maryland and it features two cars from the X275 vs Hot Rod class. That class allows for both foreign and domestic cars but the two involved in this crash were heavily modified, purpose-built Fox-body Mustangs, driven by David Farlow and Bill Colson.

Almost immediately after the race started, Farlow's gold Mustang lost control, made almost a 90-degree turn, and drove directly into Colson's white Mustang. The impact immediately ripped Colson's driver's side door off and flipped the car onto its roof. Farlow's mangled car deployed its parachutes but they did little to slow it down before it hit the concrete barrier, burst into flames, and rolled several times. Thankfully, the flames quickly went out, keeping Farlow safe.

Both drivers were unharmed and walked away from the crash, which looks impossible when you see how violent the crash was and how mangled the cars were. Roll cages and safety gear save lives, folks.

The crash happened on Friday, November 3, and just one day later Farlow posted to Facebook to give his followers an update on how he was feeling. Thankfully, his injuries were pretty minor, with just a sore back and a jammed finger. It seems that Farlow will physically be ready to race again quite soon. However, his car is a twisted hunk of metal at the moment, so he's going to need a source a new ride before he gets back on the drag strip.

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