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A Hybrid McLaren P1 Successor Is in the Works: Report

After nearly a decade without a range-topping hybrid hypercar, McLaren is getting back into the game.

The mind-blowing McLaren P1 defined the hypercar a decade ago. The 903-horsepower V8 monster showed the world that internal combustion combined with electric power was a winner for ultra-high-performance cars. Since then, the British automaker has produced the hybrid Speedtail and smaller six-cylinder Artura. Both are impressive cars, but now McLaren is shooting for the moon again. A P1 successor is allegedly in the works.

The news comes as part of an extensive report by Automotive News stemming from a global dealer meeting in Woking, England, held this week. The car, part of the automaker’s “Ultimate Series,” should arrive around 2026 and is reportedly “F1-Inspired.” The exact technical specifications aren’t clear, but it’s claimed that the car’s hybrid system is 70% lighter than the current system in the Artura. It’s unclear if this figure includes the batteries. These weight savings could be achieved in various ways, but it’s likely they come as a part of a higher voltage architecture and the use of axial flux motors. Axial flux motors offer more power density than most radial flux motors, which are by far the most common type of electric motor used in hybrids and EVs. One is already used in the Artura.


As is typical with most high-performance McLarens, the two-seater is expected to be powered by a turbocharged V8 engine. The “F1-inspired” aspect of the drivetrain is interesting to speculate on. The automaker produces its own motors and power electronics through its subsidiary McLaren Applied. The P1’s hybrid system operated at 400 volts, and while it’s unclear what voltage the Artura operates at, McLaren advertises 800V inverters on its website. This higher voltage means thinner wires and less cooling requirements due to the lower current necessary to support a given power level.

The automaker has also patented a unique triple-motor electric drive unit we previously reported on. It’s plausible it could be applied to the front axle of a hybrid vehicle.

In any case, more details of the car will be unveiled closer to its launch in a few years. By then, Mclaren’s entire lineup will reportedly be electrified, with a hybrid replacement for the current 750S coming as well. The Artura is expected to be produced until 2030.

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