Pristine 84-Mile 1993 Toyota Pickup Barn Find Will Sell for So Much Money

Bidding is at $35,500 and counting.

byCaleb Jacobs|
For Sale photo

The secret's out about old Toyota trucks being worth a fortune. You might be able to score one for a reasonable price if you know a guy who knows a guy but don't expect to get a good one online for pennies. That statement becomes doubly true when the Toyota pickup in question is from 1993 and has just 84 miles on the clock, as this eBay auction is sure to prove when it closes on Friday.

Luckily, there are a few details mentioned in the listing, and this ultra-low-mile truck seems to be legit. There's a photo of the odometer in case you doubted it, though the seller mentioned it may have "a few more than it’s [sic] 84 current miles" upon pick-up "BUT WILL NOT EXCEED 100 Miles !!!!!!" The future buyer will certainly care about that, too, since that's the whole point of spending new truck money on a not-new 'Yota.

The pickup's Evergreen Pearl paint seems to be in super shape, though the body isn't entirely blemish-free. This being an actual barn find and not some dusty hunk-o'-junk that's passed off as such, something small fell on the bed rail and left three minor dents. That won't be a dealbreaker for most, but then again, someone took a paint thickness tool to their 2001 Ford Ranger when selling it on Bring a Trailer last month.

This being a Toyota from the '90s, there's also some surface rust. The truck lives in New Hampshire and has presumably stuck around the Northeast for most of its life. The seller says they've owned it for a year, and they apparently purchased it from the original owner who drove it from the dealership and promptly parked it for good. The interior seems spotless, though.

That 2.4-liter 22RE four-cylinder has had its fluids changed before, according to the seller, and the truck has a new battery, fuel pump, and fuel tank. Power is sent through a five-speed manual transmission and can be deployed to all four wheels, should you ever start the thing. It's probably a good idea to commit to one ideology or the other; either freshen it up and drive it or park it for good. Given the fact there aren't many—maybe any—others like it, this may be a rare case where the latter is more fitting.

It's anyone's guess how much the 4x4 will sell for, and there's no great data to inform a guess of my own. Bring a Trailer has one outlier—a 1985 model in Back to the Future garb that went for $58,000—and a 6,000-mile example that sold for $29,999. Bidding on this specific pickup is up to $35,500 already and the auction still has a day and some change left before closing.

If you end up nabbing this truck, shoot me an email so we can talk about it: