Retro Deal Of The Day : 1995 Ford Aerostar With Only 45,541 Miles Sold For $770

Like a lot of 1990s rides, the Ford Aerostar can be found dirt cheap these days. But with 45,000 miles and just 770 dollars? Heck, you can't find a good used riding lawnmower for that price.

Every once in a while, I stumble into a government vehicle that has been long forgotten. That is until it winds up on Govdeals with four pictures and a description like this:

Vehicle does not start. Driving and operating condition is unknown. Mechanical issues may exist but are unknown. Vehicle has scratches and dents and rust on the exterior. Interior shows wear.

Written by a county employee who had other things to do. 

This 1995 Ford Aerostar XLT was one of those forgotten children from the 1990s. Light tan paint, Roll ’em up windows, and an interior seat design that can only be found in the thick of the minivan’s heyday. 


I love these vans. You can tow two tons. Sit as high as any SUV out there, and those pillowy seats are comfortable enough to make you forget that you’re driving a car that’s older than nearly every other vehicle on the road.


This one I flipped for $2800 to a family whose Mom wanted one more decade of Aerostar ownership? I do this profit. But what about you? Would you ever be willing to make one of the last rear wheel drive minivans your daily driver?