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The E36 BMW M3 Is Getting Old Enough to Be a Classic, and a Nicely Modded One Looks Great

Also from Car Bibles this week: Another fun video game retrospective, plus some track-day tips.

Summertime’s winding down but we’re still soaking up some of the glory we witnessed at this year’s greatest car shows. Radwood Norcal, which went off back in July, brought some heat. This modified E36 was executed so well that we haven’t stopped thinking about it.

If you’ve been following Car Bibles with any regularity, you’ll notice we’re into track days, gaming, and general car nostalgia. You’ll find a little bit of all of that in this week’s roundup.

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This E36 BMW M3 Is a Classic Example of Clean Car Modding

The USDM E36 M3 is not the most-revered of BMW’s classic performance cars, but they’re starting to look cooler and cooler the older they get. This one, in particular, stopped us right in our tracks at Radwood NorCal this summer. The modifications were just so perfectly picked, and BMWs always look great in blue to start.

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Sega GT 2002 Jumpstarted My Car Obsession

Gran Turismo this, Forza Horizon that… there are other good car games that sparked enthusiasm. Kevin Williams explains here how a cheap one from his childhood sent him down the path towards automotive obsession. I never had Sega myself, but now I really want to dig one up because this game looks awesome.

Flags on the Race Track: What Do They Mean?

This is a straightforward, but useful, rundown of flag definitions which can help you as a track day driver or spectator. The checkered flag and its significance are pretty well-known but some of the other colors in here are a bit more obscure.

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