Cinematic Short Film Outlines the Beauty of BMW’s E39 M5

The E39 M5 was one of BMW’s most formidable road cars, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Aug 27, 2018 4:01 PM
Cinematic Short Film Outlines the Beauty of BMW’s E39 M5

The E39 generation M5 is on many people's attainable dream car list. The timeless styling, exuberant performance, and sheer fantastic driving experience of the car enabled it to be regarded as one of the best vehicles BMW has ever built. In a short cinematic film originally posted on Reddit, the platform is showcased for you to enjoy.

The film, which took two days to shoot, was created by media production company Right Over Crest in Austin, Texas. It highlights the pure beauty of the M5 in a very short amount of time in a style which a few people have mentioned is similar to BMW's films, The Hire, which were produced around the same time this M5 was created.

But this is no ordinary M5. Performance company Dinan performed their magic to make the performance sedan even peppier, including a Dinan supercharger, header, intake, high-flow throttle bodies with application-specific velocity stacks, and engine management software. The company also reworked the drivability of their S3 M5, with their fully adjustable suspension, strut tower braces, subframe mounts, Brembo brakes, forged wheels, and an upgraded limited-slip differential. 

"The car was sublime, everything was in order and felt like it had just rolled off the line," Aaron Arizpe of Right Over Crest told The Drive. "This car in fact, is the last E39 BMW Dinan S3-M5 to have ever been produced. #33 of 33."

The exhaust note of the formidable 4.9 liter German V8 lets you know it means business, making angry noises as it propels the 4,000 pound monster around the twisting roads of Austin's outskirts. All the while, the cinematography outlines the car's most distinctive features in what feels like a commercial created just for the car itself.

"By far the most difficult shoot was the tunnel scenes," Arizpe mentioned, "The lens we used was ultra wide and as a result, required some very skilled precision driving to get the BMW close enough."

ROC used quite a bit of equipment to get those shots just right. Arizpe said that the company filmed the piece using a combination of Panasonic GH5 cameras, as well as a DJI Mavic drone for the aerial videography. Around 13 hours were spend in editing and post production, correcting colors and engineering the audio to give the final product its unique look.

If you enjoyed the short movie, you can check out this gallery of photos that Right Over Crest shared with us to get a better look at the the car behind-the-scenes, shot at the cyclorama in their Austin studio below.