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The New BMW M5’s Configurator Is Now Live

Forget Build-A-Bear. It's time to Build-A-Bavarian Sports Sedan.

BMW fans, drop what you’re doing. The new M5’s online configurator is now live. I repeat, the new M5’s online configurator is now live. For those unfamiliar, it’s sort of like a virtual Build-A-Bear if Build-A-Bear ever rebranded to Build-A-Bavarian Sports Sedan. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you value productivity), BMW’s configurator won’t likely eat up that much of your time since it only offers a handful of paint colors, all of which are some shade of blue, beige, or black. Bummer. Once you’ve chosen which particular hue you’d like your M5 to be sprayed in, you can then choose whether you’d like black wheels, a moonroof, and gold-calipered, carbon ceramic brakes.


On the inside, BMW offers a respectful smattering of upholstery and trim options including leather in your choice of white, black, or Aragon Brown and dash pieces that come in dark wood, light wood, dark carbon, light carbon, or piano black. 

Presented with these options, the most flamboyant looking car we could come up with was a turquoise, er, Snapper Rocks Blue M5 with black wheels, gold brakes, and a cabin drowned in brown.

The 2018 BMW M5 is powered by a 600-horsepower, twin-turbocharged, 4.4-liter V8. The first M5 to employ all-wheel drive, power is transmitted via a torque converter, eight-speed ZF automatic. It starts at $103,595.