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Buy This 1-of-2 1995 BMW M5 Wagon and Haul Your Family in Speedy Style

Can a wagon be worth $129,000? This one sure is.

Practical family cars like crossovers are currently dominating the market, so gearheads are flocking to station wagons to get their performance fix. No, enthusiasts aren’t buying Prius Vs and Subaru Outbacks; they’ve found that wagon offerings from some luxury brands make excellent, mod-friendly sleepers.

There are few other cars as amusing to lose to in a race than wagons, except maybe a Hellcat-swapped Prius. However, many of these same brands have their own performance-tuned wagons, which are just as capable of getting sideways as their coupe brothers. These variants are usually expensive and hard to find, but the performance-to-practicality ratio is high enough to make hot hatch owners squirm. 

This 1995 BMW E34 M5 Touring car found on is a fine example of a respectable performance wagon, and it’s for sale for $129,000. This pristine wagon is well worth the price tag, as this Santorini Blue E34 is one of only two M5 Wagons that were ever painted in the color. The car’s interior is wrapped in Lotus White Nappa Leather and features Santorini Blue accents throughout the cabin.

According to Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG), this M5 Touring has been well-maintained, having had most of its problematic parts replaced and serviced regularly. The original owner frequently took the car on the Autobahn and apparently reached speeds of up to 180 MPH with it. The second owner brought the car stateside in 2000, selling it to EAG 6 years later where it joined the Enthusiast Series Collection.

Besides regular maintenance, EAG has made its own aftermarket modifications to the vehicle to improve the M5 Touring’s performance qualities. The car has received a limited-slip differential, race muffler, ECU tune, and new shifter components. With these parts installed, EAG says the car is a lot more responsive and much louder. 

It may be expensive up front, but EAG has claims the car won’t require any additional maintenance and has already changed all of the car’s fluids. The wagon comes with all original keys and manuals, making it a true BMW collector’s car.