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Watch Someone Crash a Tesla Into a Warehouse at High Speed

The driver walked away unscathed, which is more than can be said for the building and the car.

The thrill of an electric car is the instant torque it achieves right off the line. One tap of the accelerator and you’re hitting 60 miles per hour quickly, and going faster is effortless from there. The problem is that inexperienced drivers on a tear can lose control (like this Taycan), especially if they are driving at high speeds through a parking lot and potentially catapulting the vehicle into the air in the process.

Such is the case for a driver of a Tesla Model Y captured on video just before they crashed into a warehouse in Orlando, Florida. It’s all fun and games with your buddies until you smash not just your car but a privately-owned building.

Facebook screencap: video posted by Paul Maric

When you listen to the video, a voice is heard saying, “Come down here, ‘cause this is where the bumps are at.” Car blog Tire Meets Road posits the videographer wanted to capture the Tesla catching air.

The driver hauls across the parking lot, and then you’ll hear the screech of tires and the unmistakable sound of shattering glass and metal on metal. The person behind the camera says, “He crashed it! He crashed it!” As they run toward the building, the video shows where the Model Y (sporting dealer plates) jumped the curb, took out some innocent shrubs, and barreled toward a glass wall. 

Facebook screencap: video posted by Paul Maric

Apparently, the video was posted to YouTube but has since been wiped from the site. However, a copy exists on the Facebook page of Paul Maric, an Australian automotive journalist and Model 3 owner.

“I’m uneasy with the speeds/acceleration we’re seeing in EVs at the moment being accessible by average punters,” Maric posted on his page above the video. “This kind of performance was previously in the realm of supercars. Sure – plenty of muppets drive supercars, but we’ll see more of this as more noobs get their quick and relatively affordable EVs.”

Fortunately, it seems no one was hurt in the car or at the warehouse. If this group continues creating content like this, that may not be the case next time. 

“I’m going to jail, bro,” the driver says in the video. If he’s caught and charged with reckless driving, he’ll certainly get hit with higher insurance premiums, at the least. And with any luck, maybe he’ll stop stunting for a while. 

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