Deputy Fired for Using His ‘Loud Truck’ to Taunt Neighbor

The neighbor had allegedly complained about loud cars in the area, so the now-former deputy reportedly set out to make matters worse.

Petty neighborhood conflicts happen all the time but, when you’re an officer of the law, it’s especially key to keep things civil if you’d also like to keep your job. Case in point: South Carolina deputy Christopher Capps was fired after admitting to using his “loud truck” to taunt a neighbor who liked to “complain about the loud cars” in Beaufort County Council meetings and had previously requested a noise ordinance.

According to the Associated Press, Capps deliberately drove his truck loudly past the neighbor’s home, which prompted the neighbor to chase Capps in his own vehicle for more than six miles before both men were pulled over by other police officers. On the positive side, Capps immediately confessed to what he was doing and acknowledged that it was a “stupid, stupid” mistake.

Pickup truck on 38-inch tires., Salinas Photography/YouTube

“I’ll admit I did poke the bear a little bit,” Capps said to a supervisor before admitting to an internal investigator. “I know it was wrong, I know, you know, morally it was wrong. As a deputy, I’m supposed to be held to a higher standard than that, and you know, it was a stupid, stupid thing to do.”

Capps was fired by the Sherriff’s Office for off-duty behavior that “discredited the department or brought it into disrepute.”

And because I know you all are wondering, disciplinary documents obtained by the Island Packet of Hilton Head say the ex-officer’s truck was equipped with 38-inch off-road tires. There was no mention of what kind of truck it was, but 38-inch tires are, admittedly, not small things and they can cause quite the noise rolling down the road.

Here’s an example of a lifted truck on 38s:

Just last month, we reported on California BMW owner Bryan Hillman, who was being sued by his mother’s neighbors for apparently driving his stanced E46 3 Series loudly and recklessly for years around the neighborhood and generally being an asshat, including allegations of verbal assault and intimidation against a lady named Susan. A quick look at Bryan’s Twitter feed confirms that he is, currently, still keeping it classy.

Can’t we all just get along?

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