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This Caprice Classic Wagon’s Matching Trailer Looks Like Seeing a Glitch In Real Life

This counts as one and a half Caprice Classics, right?

The General Motors B-body is God’s gift to hooning: a large, reasonably priced, comfortable rear-wheel-drive platform that often packed a powerful engine up front. The “B” in B-body might as well stand for “burnouts.” They’re durable, reliable and in the case of later nineties bubble-Bs, an instant Radwood hit. So, why buy just one nineties B-body when you can have one and a half B-bodies? 

Up for sale on Bring a Trailer right now is a rather nice 1993 Chevrolet Caprice Classic wagon towing what is best described as a glitch in reality: the rear half of another Caprice Classic wagon with the front nose of said Caprice Classic grafted onto the front—complete with hood ornament. It’s easy enough to tell where the cut line is on the trailer that at first glance, it sort of looks like your computer monitor is glitching out and mashing two pictures together, but no! That’s a real trailer, and it’s awesome but confusing at the same time. 

Bring a Trailer

The metallic blue Caprice Classic wagon itself is everything you really need from a B-body. Under the hood is a 5.7-liter GM small block V8 paired to a four-speed automatic. It has faux wire-wheel hubcaps and period-correct white-wall tires, both of which a bit of extra class when you roast those meats. One of the rear hatches is appropriately labeled “LAND YACHT.” The grey cloth bench seats look like couches, and there’s even a split-bench on the front row. There’s a third row that faces rearward for passengers to access  through the big back door—just like third rows really should, if you ask me. 

There’s a tow hitch installed, too, as GM’s older body-on-frame cars tow more than you would expect, and you’ll want to take advantage of that tow capacity with something. In this case, that something is more Caprice. 

Bring a Trailer

While this is a very nice burnout-ready bubble-wagon with only 91,000 miles on the odometer, its best feature is the extra half of a Caprice Classic wagon that comes with it. That half-Caprice was made into a trailer at some point using a minivan hatch to seal up the front and a Caprice front fascia to make sure people know that this is a Caprice towing a Caprice. 

In the Caprice Classic trailer are the second and third rows you’d find on any other Caprice Classic wagon. Should you do an epic burnout—and you should—the front-facing trailer passengers will have the best seat in the house to watch it through that big minivan hatch window. If it’s rainy—which it definitely has been in this car-and-a-half’s Western Washington home—there’s even a front-facing windshield wiper on that retrofitted minivan hatch. If you need more space somehow, both the wagon and its half-wagon trailer have roof rails. 

If you’d like to awe and confuse people, or if you just want to see more photos, check out the Bring a Trailer listing here. (Isn’t it “Buy a Trailer” in this case? Please advise.) The auction ends on Feb. 10, and it currently sits at $5,500 with no reserve at the time of this writing.