Walmart Buys 30 More Tesla Semis, Aims to Electrify Entire Fleet by 2028

A total of 45 units makes Walmart the fifth largest holder of Tesla Semi reservations.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Sep 7, 2018 11:27 AM

Walmart Canada has dug a bit deeper into its pockets and placed another order for Tesla's coveted Semi. The purchase, which was for 30 additional units, was announced by the superstore on Thursday, furthering its investment in the company's goal of a smaller carbon footprint. Ultimately, this means an entire fleet of alternatively-fueled trucks within the next decade.

Previously, Walmart Canada had purchased a total of 10 units for itself, and Walmart (the American side) had purchased five of its own. Walmart Canada says that this purchase will mark the beginning of its transition to a cleaner fleet. By 2022, the company projects to have at least 20 percent of its trucks electrified by 2022, and the remainder powered by some form of alternative fuel as early as 2028.

The Drive

The combined total of 45 units makes Walmart as a whole the fifth largest publicly known holder of Tesla Semi Reservations in the United States and Canada, according to the unofficial reservation tracker. Along with other orders across the world, there are over 630 known preorders for Tesla Semis, bringing the company's total projected Semi revenue somewhere between $94.5 million and $113.4 million since the announcement.

Tesla's Semi is said to significantly decrease the cost of the short-haul trucking industry, bringing the average cost per mile down nearly 20 percent, from $1.51 to $1.26. The truck is also promised to deliver a range of 600 miles on a single charge and make use of Tesla's Supercharging network to along the way, so as long as Tesla opens it up to commercial use. In addition to fuel savings, the vehicle's semi-autonomous functionality, which includes a version of Enhanced Autopilot similar to what is offered on the road cars, allegedly allows for safer driving on the highway.