Tesla Semi Truck Diecast Model Will Make Your Trucking Dreams Come True for $250

Sadly, it's not able to haul other Tesla diecast cars.

Interested in buying a Tesla Semi but have absolutely no use for a truck that big? Tesla has you covered. A new diecast model has been added to the electric automaker’s online store, allowing you to live out your short-haul trucking dreams without spending $150,000.

Tesla says that the diecast uses the same 3D CAD data used to manufacture the actual Semi. So while it might not be large enough to fit in, it still features every detail, curve, and surface of the real deal.

The diecast is crafted to be 1:24 scale, making it 11.5 inches long and 6.75 inches tall. This is asymmetric to other diecast models that Tesla offers, all of which are 1:18—meaning good luck towing your Model 3 diecast when you need to take it to the service station. Fortunately, this Mercedes-Benz Actros car hauler has you covered.

It’s weird to see the public so interested in a Semi truck, especially since it won’t be something that the average Joe is driving on the road. Still, it’s hard not to admit that the truck itself is fairly impressive on paper. I mean, what other truck out there boasts a load-less zero time of five seconds? With up to 600 miles of driving range and the ability to haul 80,000 pounds, it’s no wonder that big-name companies are scooping up pre-orders. Plus it looks like a spaceship.

Fortunately, ordering one of these won’t cost you 1/24th of the real semi’s price. Each diecast model will can be yours at $250 (with a maximum ordering quantity of five units) and can be picked up exclusively in Tesla’s online store.