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Canada to Promote Adoption of the Tesla Semi with a $75,000 Rebate

A penny saved on an electric Tesla Semi is a penny earned, eh?

Tesla is doing pretty well collecting preorders on its newest Semi. After gaining huge amounts of hype and positive feedback about the electrified truck, more and more trucking companies have been ordering a handful (or more) of the Semis to stock up in a seeming war to one-up one another. Now, according to Reuters, a new program from the Canadian government hopes to give incentives to more Canadian companies to buy one of the trucks by offering a substantial rebate when buying an electric big rig.

Many developed nations have the goal to move away from the dependencies of fossil fuels and provide a more robust electrified ecosystem for its vehicles. Canada, in particular, is taking a bold approach which would save Canadians living in Ontario up to 60 percent of the purchase price. In the case of a Tesla Semi, this is translated to the maximum overall rebate of C$75,000 (around $59,000 USD).

The Green Commercial Vehicle Program, as it’s being called, will benefit companies such as Loblaw when buying trucks intended to be used for short-haul trucking. Loblawm, for example, has around 25 Semis on preorder. Using this rebate program, it is the hope of Ontario government that they attract not only vehicle manufacturers to market commercial vehicles to companies in the applicable areas, but also to attract parts suppliers and facilitate the proper repair staff for these types of vehicles.

Rebates from the program aren’t going to last forever as the fund itself is only allotted to fund up to C$12 million in rebates by March 31, 2018. At maximum refund, this is around 160 Tesla Semis, or a large chunk of how many trucks companies like Loblaw have already purchased.

“Although there is no limit on the number of alternative fuel commercial motor vehicles or fuel saving devices that an applicant may apply for,” A spokesperson for the Canadian Ministry of Transport told The Drive, “Payment of incentives will be subject to the availability of funds and GCVP policy objectives, which may change over time.”

Thankfully, the efficiency and price point of the Tesla Semi has been enough to keep potential commercial accounts quite interested in what the manufacturer has to offer, especially with a revolving cost savings of around 20 percent each mile, as well as a breakdown-free million miles of travel guaranteed. With the help of Canada’s newest grant, Tesla should have no problem moving more units in the Heartland Province.