Musk Says Tesla Semi Event Will ‘Blow Your Mind Clear out of Your Skull’

Huge expectations are being formed around Tesla's Semi unveil this week.

The Tesla Semi Truck event is still a go for this Thursday and both critics and fans alike will be tuning in to watch the unveil live. Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to let the world know that the event is going be packing some really surprising information.

Last month, Tesla called off its reveal of the Semi during a time when its efforts were better focused on remedying production issues suffered by the Model 3 and providing battery support to the people of Puerto Rico amid the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. It was tentatively rescheduled for Nov. 16, and according to Musk, it will carry on with the reveal on that date.

The truck is expected to make use of an unspecified number of the same motors found in the Model 3, making it a potentially more cost-effective solution than if Tesla would have chosen to develop a new energy platform for just the Semi. It has been expected that the Semi would house between 200 and 300 miles of range, though much of the program’s specifics have been deep under wraps to hide from the public eye.

It was also anticipated that the potential for a second vehicle to be revealed exists based on previous Tweets by Musk, though chances seem slim and remain unconfirmed. A Tesla spokesperson has previously told The Drive that Tesla’s policy is to “always decline to comment on speculation.”

Despite Elon Musk’s recent outburst over bad press, he is confident that the Semi will surpass the expectations of those who have written about Tesla truck rumors. The automaker’s boss reported not long ago that the vehicle was “better than anything [he’s] seen reported so far,” increasing confidence in the platform’s ability to outshine the already bountiful competition. Whatever surprise Tesla has under wraps will finally be unsheathed on Thursday at 8 p.m. PT, live for the world to see.