Tesla May Tease a Second Car Alongside its Semi-Truck Reveal Next Month

Tesla has something special up its sleeve when unveils its semi-truck next month.

byRob Stumpf|
Tesla May Tease a Second Car Alongside its Semi-Truck Reveal Next Month

A little something extra could be in store next month during the reveal of Tesla's all-electric semi-truck. With some recent Twitter chatter by CEO Elon Musk, it isn't too far-fetched to think that the automaker's Apple-esque "one more thing" moment could be a peek at one of its its upcoming vehicles.

Just a week ago, Musk himself hinted at a potential surprise to be revealed during the semi unveiling. Though no specifics were mentioned as to what the news is, it appears that something other than the beast of a truck will steal the show.

"I really recommend showing up for the semi truck unveiling," said the CEO in a statement, "Maybe there’s a little more than what we are saying here."

The pickup isn't expected to be revealed entirely until late 2018 at the earliest, however that hasn't kept the Tesla CEO from Tweeting about unreleased products in the past. He suggested that a "light duty," mini version of the Tesla semi could be teased at the same event.

Tesla could also tease the Model Y, the crossover SUV based off of the recently-released Model 3 chassis. It would make sense for Tesla to continue development of the model using an already established platform. This seems less likely to be involved at an event surrounding a commercial truck, but in the timeline of Tesla vehicles to date, the Model Y appears to be closer to production than the pickup.

Cummins may have beat the Tesla semi to a reveal by showing off its electric powertrain first, however Tesla seems like it has something up its sleeve to come out ahead of the pack and make bigger waves. 

Based on recent social media activity, it might be safe to assume that a teaser for a new Tesla model might be on the horizon, but the public won't be privy to this information until the unveiling event on Oct. 26.