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This Kitten Survived 30 Miles in the Wheel Well of a Hyundai Sonata

Now watch her being rescued. C'mon, you know you want to.

If you’re one of those freakish people left uncharmed by stories about adorable kittens being saved from life-threatening circumstances, well, take your cold, cynical readership back to the print world, pal. The is the Internet. Cats rule this place. And we’re about to dive headfirst into the realm of adorable feline clickbait.

See that cat in the picture above? That tiny kitten was pulled from the wheel well of a Hyundai Sonata—after surviving a 30-mile ride to the Hyundai dealership.

Of course, the adorable extraction was caught on video. (Caution: The following clip contains NSFW levels of cuteness.)

According to WTVR CBS 6 News, when the Sonata’s owners heard mewling coming from somewhere under the car, they took off for the dealership to have the errant cat extricated. Which, considering they lived in the small hamlet of Beaverdam, Virginia, meant driving 30 miles to West Broad Hyundai of Henrico County.

Thankfully, the kitten survived the journey without injury. Once on the lift, the cat was quickly removed from her hiding place behind the plastic wheel well liner, at which point she was briefly hoisted up like Simba in The Lion King.

Service technician John Newman, who freed the kitty, agreed to take the little gal home.

“I love animals,” he told WTVR. “I couldn’t see her without a home. I have three kids at home that would love to play with her.”

The kitten’s new name, by the way? Sonata. D’awwwwwwww.

Remarkably, kittens winding up being pulled out of wheel wells more than you’d think. A quick YouTube search revealed a spate of heartwarming videos, some which we’ve embedded below in a shameless attempt to get you to stay on this page longer.