Five Hurt, One Killed by Hyundai Sonata Ramming Crowd During Brawl at NYC Hookah Bar

That really escalated quickly...

Cars have been used as a weapon since they were invented, but there has been a definite uptick in vehicular homicide and manslaughter over the years. Just last night five individuals were injured and one was killed outside a Queens, NY hookah bar following an altercation. The bar in question, XS NYC, is located 129th street and Liberty ave in South Ozone Park.

For those of you who do not know, a vehicle is a deadly weapon and one was especially deadly last night outside a normally social environment. Two people where also stabbed during the brawl preceding the vehicular strike. One individual is still in critical condition while four others are listed as stable at the hospital.

Unfortunately, incidents like these are hard to control by law enforcement as the deadly weapon being used is an everyday machine that we all rely on. The vehicle in question is a white Hyundai Sonata and the driver is still on the loose. The best recommendation The Drive could give anyone for avoiding such situations is to call it a night any time you see or hear a fight breaking out. Actually, that should be your course of action for most fights, we are all adults here. If you happen to be on the edges of an incident and see something developing, find a location where a car can’t travel like a staircase, narrow alley, or between barrier poles.