Hyundai Promotes 2018 Sonata’s Daily Drivability in New TV Spot

Hyundai says the new Sonata will make the daily commute a lot less dreary.

byChris Constantine|
Hyundai News photo

There's no easier way to spoil driving for even the most enthusiastic gearhead more than the daily commutehome in weekday city traffic. Getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic is as common as it is infuriating, and there's not much you can do about it except blast your favorite tunes and try to forget the terrible gas mileage you're getting and that your wife is going to mad that you're 45 minutes late to dinner. Car companies believe the car you drive can make a difference in the quality of your commute, and now good samaritans at manufacturers like Hyundai are trying to make the slog home much less painful.

Hyundai announced its newest advertising campaign for the 2018 Sonata on Thursday, which will focus more on daily-driving than anything. This campaign comes in a nationally-broadcasted, 30 and 60-second TV spot called "Duet". Instead of talking about performance figures like so many car commercials are guilty of, this Hyundai ad highlights driver comfort, interior quality, and levels of technology like Android Auto- all qualities that can make or break a daily-driver. The commercial also showcases just a few of the many standard safety assists in the new Sonata including the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Assist. 

Hyundai hopes to usher in a new era of headache-free commuting with the new Sonata, and this commercial shows that this dream will become a reality very soon.