The i30 N Will Make All Future Hyundais More Fun

With the advent of Hyundai’s first N car, the company says future cars across its line will be more entertaining.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED Jul 14, 2017 5:43 PM
The i30 N Will Make All Future Hyundais More Fun

After months of tantalizing teases, Hyundai finally revealed the i30 N hot hatchback on Thursday—the first in what the company promises to be a long line of hot Hyundais. The company's N cars are set to deliver a heavy dose of athleticism to its otherwise practical, reliable pieces of Korean metal. 

Don't think that sporting spirit will come exclusively to N-branded Hyundais, though. The automaker is now saying that the know-how acquired during the i30 N's development will make all future Hyundais, whether it be a humble Accent or the full-bodied Santa Fe, more fun to drive. Except for the Azera, though (R.I.P.).

"We have already established our self as a reliable, quality car maker, that makes cars with good designs, but now we have the knowledge to add sportiness to that image—which is something us Europeans like," said Hyundai's director of high-performance vehicles Klaus Köster, in an interview with Autocar. 

Speaking of Europe, the i30 N was tested extensively at the firm's European technical center at the Nürburgring (where did you think it was?), a place Köster says all Hyundais—even non-N ones—from here on out will have to spend time as part of their development. 

"It would be very nice if in 10 to 15 years we can have people on the street seeing Hyundai as a brand that makes cars which are fun to drive," the Hyundai executive said. 

It's a nice goal to have, but considering how tough a time Toyota—the makers of the LFA supercar, keep in mind—are having with a similar mission, you're gonna have to give us more than a couple of hot hatches, Klaus.