Watch This Range Rover Smash Up a New York City Block While Fleeing the Cops

New York driving at its finest.

byAaron Brown|
Land Rover News photo

An insane Range Rover driver was captured on video on June 6 tearing up a New York City street as he fled from police, smashing into cars and terrorizing residents of the quiet Manhattan neighborhood he was rampaging through.

The incident, which occurred in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood, began when police started chasing the Range Rover after it made an illegal right turn and failed to pull over for a traffic stop. During the chase, the SUV's driver turned the wrong way onto Henshaw Street, where police confronted the driver on foot.

But the driver wasn't going down without a fight. As bystanders gathered around, the 2003 Range Rover sideswiped parked cars and police vehicles in an attempt to flee. At one point, the suspect hit a taxi so hard that its driver who was standing next to the car at the time was knocked over and nearly crushed. All while Inwood residents called for the police to shoot the driver, because this is New York. (Heads-up: NSFW language in the video below.)

Remarkably, the driver was able to maneuver the Range Rover around the cars on the street and escape—but not for long. Shortly afterwards, the suspect was captured by police after abandoning the Range Rover a couple miles from the scene, at the intersection of Riverside Drive and West 177th Street. The suspect was identified as a 35-year-old from the nearby Manhattan neighborhood of Hamilton Heights.

Hey, we at The Drive get that Range Rovers in the city don't often have the chance to exercise the full range of their capabilities. But just because your car can outrun the cops and plow through other vehicles like they were made of tin foil...doesn't mean you should.

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