The F1-Engined Mercedes-AMG Project One Finally Tests Its Full 1,000+ HP on Track

Next stop: Nürburgring.

“Stuff a Formula One engine in a road car” is the kind of awesome but questionable idea most of us can only dream of, and Mercedes-AMG is making it happen in the Project One. 

Problem is, Mercedes-AMG has been teasing the Project One since 2017, and multiple delays have now pushed its debut back to 2021, according to TopSpeed. So, it’s good to see our old friend back on track again—and hopefully “on track” in the other sense, too. 

We saw some fan-filmed test footage of the Project One last year, but Mercedes-AMG themselves released the goods this time. According to Merc, this is the first time the Project One’s F1-derived hybrid V6 power unit has been track-tested at its full output of over 1,000 horsepower. 

Several pre-production Project Ones hit the track at Mercedes’ proving ground at Immerdingen, Germany, as its testing has progressed beyond static tests to real-world track time. 

Maybe all of this extra time will pay off, and not just in the form of finally getting that F1 engine to pass emissions. Despite its wild looks and active aerodynamics, Mercedes still aims to make this a usable road car that can be used daily and drive in all-electric mode. Testing those aerodynamic bits is no small undertaking, either, as those giant air outlets for the front fenders, meaty louvers, and big rear wing all have to play nice with each other and handle well on track.

So, in case you forgot about Mercedes-AMG’s hotly awaited hypercar, here’s a reminder that it still exists! Mercedes-AMG is still doing more development work on the engine and other components at their Affalterbach, Germany, headquarters, and claims that the next step is testing on the Nürburgring’s infamous Nordschleife course. 

Is Mercedes-AMG finally going to go back on that promise not to chase the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo’s record Nordschleife lap time? All we really know is, you probably shouldn’t try to flip your reservation for it. 

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