Mercedes Boss Says Romain Grosjean Should Be Happy To Be in F1

This comes after Grosjean complained of Lewis Hamilton blocking him in British GP qualifying.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Mercedes Boss Says Romain Grosjean Should Be Happy To Be in F1

Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean hasn't been the happiest fella this 2017 season. His team has struggled throughout this year's calendar of races, and he's looking for a potential out. A quarrel with pole position holder Lewis Hamilton at British Grand Prix qualifying has left him miffed about a potential block by the Mercedes star, saying that F1 officials simply ignored the move. The event is under investigation, but Hamilton's team boss Toto Wolff had some things to say about the Frenchman's performance on-track. 

According to a report from Motorsport, Wolff says Grosjean is only "moaning" due to a poor outing at Saturday's qualifying rounds. 

“There are some that moan all the time. They just continue moaning. I don’t want to even comment." 

According to the silver-arrow chief, Grosjean hasn't necessarily been the cleanest racer over the past few years. 

He continued, "If Romain Grosjean comes out and starts asking for penalties for other drivers, you should rather look at his track record. He should be happy he is driving in F1.”


Haas F1 team principal Gunther Steiner, however, feels differently. His stance is supportive of Grosjean, and he makes the comparison of what would happen if Hamilton were to be the one blocked by his driver. 

“If you step back and ask yourself, what would they have done if Romain had done that to Hamilton? That I think should answer that. Something needs to be done. Because if he says, ‘that wouldn’t have made your position better’. I know. But if we would have impeded Hamilton, if we get penalized, it means a lot to us because we go back on the grid and we lose points. We both have something to lose, so don’t do it."

Steiner was clearly unhappy, and went onto add "He’s a world champion, he’s better than that. Why does he need to impede? And as soon as someone is in his way, it’s a disaster."

A decision from the reviewers is yet to be reached, but if the current positioning stands, Hamilton will start in first while Grosjean takes a 10th place grid spot.