The BMW 2-Series Get More Power and Nikola Makes the Dune Buggy of Your Dreams: The Evening Rush

Plus, the most durable weekend bag ever and solid beers from Brewmaster Jack.

byMax Goldberg|
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BMW has given the 2017 2-series coupes bigger badges and subsequently more horsepower. Both the 228i and the M235i will give way to the 230i and M240i. With this increase in in badge numbering, comes a slight increase in power for both models.

Finally, some details on the new quad-turbocharged inline-six diesel engine from BMW. Making its debut in the 7-Series, the new diesel engine will crank out 395hp and 560lb-ft of torque. As a result, owners of the 750d xDrive will be able to hit 60mph in just 4.7 seconds while still getting an impressive 40mpg.


Long-haul trucking can take a toll on drivers, especially when they make the mistake of skipping a few too many rest areas. With this in mind, a handful of former Google executives have founded Otto, a company that modifies tractor-trailers to drive autonomously on the highway. Although the company still has a way to go before production, it is very cool to see such advancements hitting commercial applications.


Have you ever woken up and said, “I want to purchase a vehicle where I cheat death every time I drive it.” If the answer is yes, you might want to look at the Nikola Zero, a 520hp buggy that hits 60mph in 3 seconds flat. If that wasn’t crazy enough for you, the vehicle is an open frame design. Still, we would take one in a second.


Simplicity is key when packing and that mentality should extend to the baggage as well. The Cargo Carryall by Tanner Goods is the military-inspired bag for your weeks trip up the New England coast. Made of durable 180z military-spec canvas, this bag will outlast you and age better than Jennifer Aniston.


Today’s beer pick takes us to Brewmaster Jack in Northampton, Massachusetts. Started by a lone man with a love for beer in 2011, Brewmaster Jack has slowly grown into a well-curated microbrewery. Although they are still finding their way, we definitely recommend you give them a chance.

As the weather gets warmer you are going to be more inclined to go offroading. Don’t let get cut short by getting stuck on the beach or in the mud, purchase a trustworthy towrope. Just do yourself a favor and make sure your friend pulling you out knows where to anchor the rope!

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