The Only Way to Get a $220K Icon FJ44 Land Cruiser Sooner Than 2023 Is This Charity Giveaway

The custom 4×4 could be yours by the end of the year, along with $20,000 in cash.

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Icon is considered to be the premier 4x4 builder of the United States and, well, pretty much everywhere. No other company can match founder Jonathon Ward and Co.'s level of quality, and their Toyota "FJ44" Land Cruiser is proof of that. In turn, there's a massive waiting list if you want to buy your own for a heap of money, yet there happens to be one way around that. And you'll do a little good for the world at the same time.

The charity giveaway, run by Omaze, is live for another 97 days, which means your donation could land you an Icon FJ44 before the end of this year, along with $20,000 in the trunk. The funds will, at least in part, support the non-profit Go Campaign's continued COVID-19 relief efforts, as well as programs that promote racial equality and justice in communities across the United States.

It's worth noting that while your name can be thrown in the hat for just $10, only $1.50 of that actually goes to charity. Omaze is still a for-profit business, and it divvies up donations accordingly with seven dollars "typically" going to sourcing and shipping of the prize with the remaining $1.50 going to Omaze itself. This is all broken down in the Omaze website's "About Us" section.

Knowing how the waitlist for an Icon Land Cruiser build is at least two years at this point, the idea of taking a chance on snapping up an FJ44 is rather tempting—especially since this one was built to Ward's own specifications.

Icon's core FJ family is in its third generation by now, and it's offered in four body styles and two design packages. There's the classic two-door FJ40, the exotic long-wheelbase two-door FJ43, the pickup truck FJ45, and the four-door FJ44 shown here, which is a version never built by Toyota.

Designed by Ward and built using a custom all-aluminum body sourced from Canada, this FJ comes with all the goodies in the Icon parts bin. It's grafted onto a powder-coated Art Morrison chassis with upgraded Dynatrac axles, locking differentials, a shift-on-the-fly part-time four-wheel-drive transaxle from Atlas, and a fully independent suspension using adjustable nitrogen-charged Fox Racing shocks. There are also adjustable sway bars, Eibach springs and Brembo's Icon-spec sport brakes package.

Rolling on Icon's 18-inch forged alloy wheels, it features a Warn winch, the New School exterior package including metal bumpers and mirrors, and every stylish comfort feature inside. Machined switches and knobs, custom gauges, Vintage Air's Gen-4 air conditioning, Icon's jet-inspired sun visors and the safety steering column you deserve.


In terms of power, this FJ44 produces 430 horses and 450 pound-feet courtesy of a 6.2-liter GM LS3 specified for truck applications with off-road durability in mind. The V8 is linked to its matching four-speed automatic. For the full description of the vehicle on video by Jonathan Ward himself, please click here.

Omaze says that if you were to ring up Icon, such a vehicle would cost you $220,000. Now, you have the chance to grab it for a whole lot cheaper and sooner while helping others with your donation.

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