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2008 Dodge Grand Caravan – The Drive’s Daily Mileage Champion

What is zonker yellow, seats seven, and lasted exactly 392,586 miles before the transmission decided to grenade itself?

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Steven Lang

This 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan is in many ways a testament to the cunning of its one and only owner. 

A few of you may remember that Chrysler offered a ‘lifetime powertrain warranty‘ from 2007 to early-2010. 

The hope was that Chrysler would manage to boost the bottom line and avoid the cheapksates who knew how to play the system. 

Steven Lang

This guy was an unrepentant frugal zealot. What you see here is a fairly base Grand Caravan coupled with an Earl Scheib paint job that helped it stand out in the world that is southern taxis and Uber cars. 

Steven Lang

Why this guy decided to paint this van the brightest shade of yellow is strictly between him and the folks that owned the paint booth. However this van is not unique in that weird world of taxis and Uber drivers we have in Atlanta.

Steven Lang

Almost anything qualifies out here. A 22 year old Chrysler LHS? Sure! A Chevy Cobalt that has a lien from a local title pawn and 280,000 miles? Step on up! In Atlanta, our only expectations for a quick local drive are wheels that are round and air conditioning that blows ice cold. 

For some reason, the owner of this Grand Caravan decided to hang it up after nearly 393,000 miles. Given the current sub-$10 hourly wages of many Uber drivers, I can hardly blame him for curbing it.