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Canadian Man Fined for Driving Toyota Tercel With Wooden Suspension

Some people shouldn't be allowed to have a license.

There’s ignorance of the law, and then there’s straight apathy. One Quebec driver has apparently made it a goal to embody the latter, rather than the former. According to the Ottawa Citizen, a 1999 Toyota Tercel was pulled over for a lack of functional brake lights in the municipality of Val-des-Monts in the Canadian province of Quebec shortly before 11 o’clock last Sunday night. Which, as it turns out, was just where the story begins. 

Now, laws vary around the world regarding the mechanical state of the vehicle you drive, and your own personal state of sobriety or lack thereof. In the western world, namely North America and Europe, these laws are commonplace, so knowledge of them is all but universal. It would take a borderline sociopath to drive a half-broken car in a state of inebriation down the road in any civilized country.

Of course, the driver of this Tercel fits into this narrow subset of drivers. The 28-year-old Tercel driver started this traffic stop badly by being unable to produce proof of insurance, but the occupants kept hammering nails into their coffin by neglecting to conceal the open can of beer up front next to them. And the entirety of the car was in a state of apathetic disrepair: The windshield wipers were missing, three of the four tires were on the verge of blowing out, and the rear suspension was held up by a redneck latticework of logs and chicken wire.

Somehow, the driver passed a sobriety test. The Tercel, however, likely glad to be done with its life of abuse, has been impounded, and your humble author believes the driver will not try to recover it. Said driver has been hit with a fitting flurry of financial blows, such as the tow bill, an open container ticket, failure to produce insurance, and other safety infractions.

The car was reportedly impounded for a “mechanical inspection,” which will likely entail little more than several impound employees laughing at the state of the car before sending it to the crusher.