Wheelie-Popping, Seven-Second Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Delayed Until 2021: Report

Sorry to all 50 people who reserved one.

byJesus Garcia|
Dodge News photo

Gyms aren't the only places losing muscle this year thanks to COVID-19. According to Mopar Insiders, the Dodge Challenger Drag Pak has been delayed until 2021. This car debuted at SEMA nearly a year ago as the fourth generation of the Drag Pak, with only 50 examples being available to order.

The Dodge Challenger Drag Pak is exactly what it sounds like—a purpose-built performance bundle for customers who plan on running up their odometers one quarter-mile at a time. It's even certified for NHRA and NMCA competitions, making it a turnkey super-stock race car designed to rival the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. It's the quickest Challenger that Dodge builds in the quarter-mile, far outperforming the Demon thanks to its sticky tires and specialty transmission. It's not road legal, though, so the Demon does hold that advantage.

The go-fast package includes a supercharged Hemi V8 with 354 cubic inches of displacement. That is then mated to a T400 three-speed transmission with a Kwik-shift manual shifter, ensuring you feel every gear as you blast down the 1,320. For better weight distribution, the Drag Pak features a modified cross-member in the engine bay that lowers the car's center of gravity. Judging by the photos, however, doesn't do a great job of keeping the front wheels on the ground.

The rear-end features a fully adjustable, four-link suspension system which helps the back tires hook up when the light turns green. Coilover shocks and anti-roll bars are also adjustable for owners to tailor-tune their Drag Pak Challenger into their personalized racer. Mopar won't say how much power the Drag Pak actually makes, but we do know it's capable of an outstanding 7.5-second quarter-mile. It's a shame the year 2020 can't match that speed.

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