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Someone Begged Lee Iacocca for a 4-Speed Ford Country Squire With a 428 V8. He Made Just One.

Now it's for sale.

Hot station wagons aren’t some sort of new fad. They’ve been around for years as parents have always looked to make the most of their hefty family haulers. One man went the distance, though, when he personally wrote then-Ford executive and auto industry legend Lee Iacocca to have his Country Squire wagon specially built. He wasn’t asking for a rare paint color or some ultra-lux interior—he wanted a 428-cubic-inch V8 under the hood. And Iacocca made it so.

This 1967 Country Squire is said to be the only one in existence with a factory-optioned 428 V8 and four-speed manual. It was also ordered with front buckets and a center console, making it as sporty as a station wagon could be at the time. More modern upgrades have been fitted over the years and now, it’s up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

Via Bring a Trailer

Ford’s Q-code 428 engine was normally found in Thunderbirds of the era, pushing 345 horsepower. The power plant in this wagon is making a bit more than that thanks to a FiTech fuel-injection system and Flowmaster dual exhaust. These modifications, along with Wilwood front brakes and a good deal of rust repair, have all been made by the current owner—Tom Cotter, host of The Barn Find Hunter television show.

Via Bring a Trailer

Any half-century-old vehicle needs maintenance and, luckily, this one’s had plenty of it. The holy grail engine was rebuilt in 2003 while the transmission was also completely refurbished. A new clutch was fitted in 2019 for good measure, ensuring its mechanical soundness to match the corrosion corrections that included a separation of the body and frame.

Other features unique to this era of Americana include the third-row jump seats, which fold flat in the floor for extra cargo capacity. It’s even got power brakes, power steering, power windows and air conditioning, proving its worth as a true road trip warrior. 

Via Bring a Trailer

The exterior is finished in Sauterne Gold with—what else—woodgrain applique. Hard-earned patina has tinted the paint and given it a proper look to match its thumping powertrain all the while. As for the cabin, it’s in impressive condition give its originality.

All the prerequisite paperwork will be included in the sale, such as the original build sheet and window sticker. You’d be surprised to find that this special order cost just $559 back in the day, though you’d be brought back to reality when you find that number is equal to nearly $4,400 in today’s money.

Via Bring a Trailer

Bidding has already climbed to $30,000 with two days left to go on the BaT auction, so expect it to go even higher by Monday. There’s no telling what the reserve is set at, but just know that a one-of-one piece like this doesn’t come cheap.

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