Take an At-Home Tour of This Jaguar Collector’s Incredible Garage

Quarantine is boring—we get it. That’s what these vintage British sportscars are for.

byChris Teague|
Jaguar News photo

In the vacuum left behind after all car shows and racing events have been canceled due to coronavirus, we gearheads are left with relatively little to keep us entertained and engaged. Luckily, we haven't been totally hung out to dry as some of the world's greatest collections are on full virtual display courtesy of our favorite automakers and museums. This private garage of Jaguar lover Scott Holley definitely falls into that category, and his vintage sports cars are enough to attract any fan of old-school metal.

In the short three-minute clip, Holley mentions that he raced Porsches up until 2008, at which point he started collecting cars. He began with classic American muscle, but his wife wasn't a fan and mentioned she'd rather have an E-Type. In turn, his first Jaguar was a 1969 XKE convertible, a one-owner car with exceptionally low miles. From there, he accumulated some impressive British machinery, including a host of additional E-Types and a rare, high-performance XK140MC.

Out of a collection that he says numbers about 30 cars, the 1956 Jaguar XK140MC is the real showstopper. Holley notes that it's been named "Best Jag" at several shows and frequently wins awards wherever it goes. The car was a barn find in Southern California, and like the rest of his collection, appears to have been restored to showroom condition.

Holley also shows off his 1963 E-Type race car, which he says is primarily used to compete in Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) events, his favorite of which takes place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He’s been successful, too, winning races at Road Atlanta and elsewhere. 

While it might not be a 300-car utopia, it's still an impressive assembly of the U.K.'s greatest hits. As we can see in the video, he's got a slew of other highly collectible autos, so hats off to Mr. Holley for that!

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