Watch Christian von Koenigsegg Flex the Jesko’s Outrageous Twin-Turbo V8

That’s 1,600 horsepower at work.

byChris Teague|
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We already knew the Koenigsegg Jesko (pronounced yess-ko) is a feat of engineering with a brutal engine sound, but a more impressive achievement might just be how tame it sounds while cruising around at low speed—and how lovely it sounds while being revved.

In a recent video from the YouTube channel LAOC Exotics, we see the upcoming hypercar cruising around the company's factory with Christian von Koenigsegg himself at the wheel.

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The Jesko is truly a special car, maybe even more so than its nearly $3-million price tag would suggest. A twin-turbo V8 provides power for the rig to the tune of 1,280 horsepower on pump gas and up to 1,600 hp on E85. Although its 5.0-liter powerplant makes crazy power numbers, the Jesko is not the most powerful Koenigsegg. The Regera sports a hybrid powertrain that makes a combined 1,797 hp, but that car is set up more as a grand tourer than an all-out track weapon.

That's all very impressive, but there may be an even more unnecessary version of the car on its way soon. Koenigsegg says the Jesko 300 is a more amped-up version of the machine that should be able to reach 300 mph when it goes into production. Before you dismiss those claims as nonsense, keep in mind that the company’s Agera RS ran at an average top speed of 277.87 mph back in 2017.

If you happen to have a pile of cash and hopes of getting your hands on a Jesko, you've already missed that boat by a Swedish country mile. The company has plans to make 125 units, but all of them have already been spoken for. Buyers stepped up to grab 83 Jeskos even before seeing it, and the remaining 42 units were sold within a week of the car's official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. Production of the Jesko will start early in 2020 and should progress at a speed of about one car per week.

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