Volkswagen Unveiling Rugged Atlas Overland Concepts at SEMA 2019

The Volkswagen Atlas Basecamp concept is back, and this time, it brought friends along.

byJames Gilboy|
Volkswagen News photo

It's SEMA time again, kids, and you know what that means: we're in the midst of custom car season. Volkswagen will participate in this year's show with three modified Atlas crossovers ready to leave civilization behind.


First among the Atlas trio is the Atlas Basecamp concept, which the marque launched earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show. As that's not new fare, we'll give you a quick run-down: it packs all-wheel-drive, super-bright LED lighting, a matte grey wrap, and even a Hive EX trailer for ultimate convenience come time for bed. We'll leave you the above link if you want to find out more about it and now hop onward to the new-for-SEMA concepts—the Atlas Adventure and Atlas Concept by Thule.

Built by the Volkswagen Innovation and Engineering Center in California, the Atlas Adventure Concept hikes up its trousers with chunky off-road tires and H&R Adventure Line coilovers, all enclosed by fender flares courtesy of Air Design USA. Baja Designs lighting guarantees you'll see everything in your path, and a DJI Mavic drone with a live-streamed REVL camera means everything beyond is visible too. True to its name, the Atlas Adventure can set up camp anywhere with its combination of a Thule awning and a rooftop-mounted Overland Equipment tent.

The Atlas Adventure concept shares Volkswagen's SEMA space with the Atlas Concept by Thule, which serves as a showcase for the automotive accessory brand. It features the Atlas Adventure's Baja Designs spotlights and H&R suspension but instead boasts 20-inch Vossen CV10 wheels in satin black. You'll also spot the equally black trim and roof for contrast with the vehicle's white paint. Thule supplies a Wingbar Evo roof rack, to which you can mount a Tepui Autana 4 roof tent and an 8.5-foot HideAway awning. A T2 Pro XT bike rack mounted out back finishes the build in style and serves as the perfect place to stash your undoubtedly expensive bicycle.

These will be just a few of many overlanders adorning the SEMA show floor this week, so make sure to keep an eye out for a few other

noteworthy builds.