Spiteful Seller Crushes Own 1970 Dodge Charger as Revenge on ‘Thousands’ of No-Show Buyers

Well…that’s one way to get rid of it. Probably not the best way, though.

byJames Gilboy|
Spiteful Seller Crushes Own 1970 Dodge Charger as Revenge on ‘Thousands’ of No-Show Buyers

The owner of a 1970 Dodge Charger has destroyed his classic muscle car after struggling to sell the vehicle for months. To prove his frustration, he even filmed the Mopar being purposely crushed for the internet to see, sending the message that enough is enough when it comes to no-good tire-kickers.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, along with a description identifying the car's former owner as one Daniel Gagliardi. According to a post by Tire Meets Road, Gagliardi was asking $10,000 for the car and supposedly destroyed it out of spite for people not offering him enough.

But TMR seems to have taken the video's vitriolic description as gospel, rather than ask Gagliardi himself why he had the car destroyed. The Drive contacted Gagliardi for his side of the story, which isn't quite as black-and-white.

"Here's the deal: I had the car for six months, and I bought it for $4,200," Gagliardi told us. "I had it for sale, like I said, for six months. I was asking $8,500 for it. It was a complete car, not missing a single thing inside, out, underneath, under the hood, wasn't missing a damn thing. Had fender tag, VIN tag, clean title."

"Then I reached a point where I wanted to get out of it, so I was willing to sell it even at a loss, or sell it for whatever somebody wanted to pay for it," he continued. "But I was running into a problem with no-showers, thousands of no-showers, and a whole bunch of flakers. If people would just show up like they said that they would, and keep their word like a man, then they literally could've named their price and owned the car. But people simply just jerked me around, and just wouldn't show up."

While we'd hazard a guess that "thousands of no-showers" is a tad hyperbolic, it's clear Gagliardi just wanted to be rid of the car at some point. Whether wrecking it was a better solution than donating it to the nearest high school shop class was the right thing to do, we're not so sure. Either way, there's one fewer 1970 Dodge Charger in this world, and that has just about ruined the day of the guy who edited this.