This Beached Dodge Charger Is Buried in Sand Thanks to Hurricane Barry

C’mon kids, who wants to build a sand garage?

byChris Teague|
This Beached Dodge Charger Is Buried in Sand Thanks to Hurricane Barry

As Tropical Storm Barry recently made its way across the Gulf Coast, it swept plenty of sand and saltwater with it, making quite a mess along roadways and complicating travel throughout the area. It also happened to sweep a Dodge Charger Daytona from a cozy parking spot to its current resting place, buried under several feet of sand on a Dauphin Island, Alabama beach.

According to local news outlet NBC15, local realtor Andy Sims was working with cleaning crews in his Jeep when he found the buried Dodge being pounded by the surf. Sims made note of the situation by saying, “They didn’t listen to the people advising them to leave and their car is totaled now”. We're guessing he's right because the car is buried up to its windows in sand and has had saltwater flowing into all the wrong places.

Dauphin Island Mayor Jeff Collier added, “Eventually, it’s going to be the responsibility of the owner to get it removed and, of course, right now it’s pretty much submitted into the sand. It’s not like you can go in and just tow it."

Contractors in the area helping with cleanup efforts plan to dig and move some sand from around the car, but it’ll ultimately fall on the owner to figure out a way to remove it from the beach. “I’d hate to be the owner of this car or his insurance company," one visitor said.

Making things worse for the owner, the car was buried before much of the storm had even passed, the remainder of which could dump even more sand onto the beach. At least the locals and news crews are getting plenty of entertainment out of the situation, as several people have headed to the beach to take selfies with the car.