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See-Through Honda S2000 Surfaces at Owner’s Meeting in Japan

An old Honda convertible made to look like an old PlayStation controller? Let the nostalgia wash over you.

As if a mint, unmodified S2000 owned and maintained by Honda itself wouldn’t stand out on its own, the automaker recently trotted out a copy of its beloved roadster where all of its body panels are completely see-through.

According to Tire Meets Road, the clear S2000 was spotted at this year’s annual owner’s meeting at Twin Ring Motegi in Japan. It was apparently built as a showpiece that Honda brought around to various auto shows when the car made its debut back in 1999, as backed up by this photo of it on a motor show stand posted to the aptly named Facebook Group, “Rad Sh*tty Grainy Pictures of Japanese Cars from the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s.”

Through the transparent bodywork, it’s easy to see all of the bones and organs that make the little Honda tick. This is what a highly rigid X-bone frame and 50:50 weight distribution looks like, people. It’s sort of like those old, translucent PlayStation controllers, but 100 times cooler.

As an unashamed S2k stan, I want to drive this. I want to spend hours standing around, gawking at its internals and finding new details with every repeated pass. I want to take it out on the open road, look through the transparent door beside me and see nothing but tarmac rushing past, McLaren Senna style.

Built from 1999 to 2009, the Honda S2000 was the company’s 50th anniversary present to itself. Powered by a 237-horsepower 2.0-liter that revved to a magical 9,000 rpm, the rear-drive drop-top has achieved modern classic status and rightfully so. Its ungodly engine note, world-beating manual shifter, Miata-like handling, and timeless styling have made it a bucket-list machine for many.